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Who can be an artist?

Individuals with disabilities. Doesn’t matter what type of disability. If you like art, consider sending us a design. If your design gets chosen to be on our site and a customer orders a product with the design on it, you earn money!

How do i submit a design?

1. First, click Artist Submission on our website

2. Then fill out the form provided. If you have a guardian, please fill out the form with him/her.

3. In the form, there is a section for you to submit your design. If you do not have a Gmail account, please head to and attach your images and headshot to You do not need an account with making it quick and easy.

4. The last step is to check the box at the bottom of the form stating “I have read and agree to the Artist Terms and Conditions".

Artwork Guidelines

What are we looking for?

Here’s our simple answer - we are looking to see your creativity meaning you can sketch or make anything you would like as long as it is your own work.

Nothing copyrighted will be accepted. Originality is key!

Art can come in many different forms. This includes sketches, graphic designs, and photography! There is no limit to what you can send us in the form of graphic designs and photography.

If you are creating a sketch, create your design using color pencils, markers, or paint.

What do we look for in a good design?

Creative Souls wants to see happy, bright, and exciting designs. The designs can have one color or as many as you would like. There is no limit to what you can do.

Designs that we love to see are about nature, sports, objects, animals, abstracts, and much more. We prefer something that is not just in the shape of a square although a lot of good designs have come that way. It is easier for us to work with an object in all shapes and sizes. If you are doubting your artwork after reading this, please submit it and we will be in contact.

If your design does not get picked this time around keep trying! If you have questions please email

Any questions?

Leave a message

Any questions about the process? Let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible!