Creative Souls YouCaring Fundraiser!

Our Kickstarter Campaign ended. Although we did not reach our goal, we had tremendous support. We launched YouCaring Campaign now! There are many backers who want to support Creative Souls by donating money. With the Kickstarter finished, we thought we could provide a page where you can make a contribution to us without receiving a reward. If you believe in our mission to impact individuals with disabilities and want to see Creative Souls become a reality, please consider making a donation. A dollar would go a long way for us. As we like to say, lets make an impact on individuals with disabilities one "Creative Soul" at a time.


Creative Souls Kickstarter Campaign!


Our Kickstarter Campaign is over. We were not successful in raising the full amount. However, the campaign brought a lot of new opportunities for us! The future is very bright and there is nothing to be sad about. If you want to help us keep moving forward, please head to YouCaring Campaign to donate to Creative Souls. Every contribution helps us out!



  • If you like a pair of shoes, but don't have them in your size let us know! We will work with the artist to recreate a similar look
  • Don't have your shoe size? Let us know 
  • Each pair is unique to itself meaning no two shoes will ever be the same
  • No shoe is perfect, but you can bet that our artists work hard on every single pair ever created