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The Camphill Soltane and Creative Souls Story

During our Kickstarter campaign, we received a call that would change us forever. A non-profit in Pennsylvania called Camphill Soltane was starting a fund to help companies who were helping people with disabilities. Camphill Soltanes mission is to cultivate and strengthen inclusive communities by advocating alongside people with disabilities. This fund was not official at the time, but the talk was that they were looking for companies to provide funding.

We became the first company that the Camphill Soltane funded under the Soltane Foundation Innovation Fund. Creative Souls now had over $25,000 to purchase the direct to garment printer that would help us go from hand painting shoes with seven local artists to being able to print directly onto shoes and apparel. The printer changes the game. Artists with disabilities from all over the world can now send a scanned version of their image to us that we can print and sell. Ultimately, we can make a big impact on a global scale one Creative Soul at a time. The funds we received are through a loan that we will be paying back over the course of a few years. To read more about the fund head over to http://www.camphillsoltane.org/sfif. We are ecstatic about our partnership with Camphill Soltane and can't wait to grow together!


Creative Souls and PALS teamed up at Camp PALS Chicago. PALS provides an opportunity for young adults with Down Syndrome to enjoy a week filled with awesome activities, make best friends and memories that will last forever. Creative Souls ran an activity where each camper was able to draw in a design we brought on a poster. The final result is shown above in the Chicago Skyline picture. We took that design and printed 150 drawstring bags for counselors and campers to take home. Check out our Souls Gallery to see some of the event captured. The event was a huge success and are super excited to continue this partnership with the PALS Program. To learn more about PALS head to https://www.palsprograms.org/.

Keshet and Creative Souls Partnership

Creative Souls and Keshet have partnered up to provide opportunities for their artists to show their amazing creativity on different canvases and earn money while doing so! The founder of Creative Souls, Drew McNamara, worked with Keshet for five plus years as a counselor for kids with disabilities at a local day camp. Drew is extremely passionate about Keshet and Creative Souls, which is why we are so excited to bring this partnership to life. Keshet believes individuals of all abilities should have the opportunity to learn, work, have fun, and live in a way that enables self respect and promotes self-esteem. To read more about the Keshet organization, please head over to https://keshet.org/. We can't wait to see what the future brings!

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Our partners come in all forms including non-profits, foundations, agencies, schools and universities, and even financial institutions. We seek partnerships that can be mutually beneficial for not only each institution, but also their clients or constituents. In the past we’ve partnered with agencies to provide art curriculums for their clients and in turn they’ve referred artist to Creative Souls. It does not matter where you are located as we can make a difference across the map.

We are open to new partnerships and welcome any discussions as long as all parties have the best interest of individuals with disabilities in mind. Creative Souls looks forward to making a difference together. 

Please fill out our partnership form down below. Thank you!

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