Adam's Story

Art runs in Adam’s family. His Grandma is an artist and he has always loved art. He loves to paint and color. He gets to create when he is at his work program at Keshet’s Gadol program. He also does art every Monday night at Mylife where he lives.

When Adam isn’t painting, he loves music - he loves pop music, classical music and music from movies. He loves to watch film clips from movies and cartoons on YouTube. Then he memorizes the dialogues and uses the language when he talks. Everyone thinks it is so funny when he does that and he likes to make others laugh! Adam loves to play Nintendo also.

There are many reasons that Adam is a Creative Soul. He is creative in his art. He feels that he is so unique in so many wonderful ways. He loves to make people smile and feels that he is very good at that. His big dream in life is to be happy and make other people happy too.

Adam is truly a Creative Soul.