The national employment rate for individuals with disabilities is at 17.5 percent compared to the 65 percent of those without disabilities. Millions of people with disabilities are impacted due to unemployment. Creative Souls provides a workplace where people with disabilities design the artwork that goes on each pair of canvas shoes, allowing them to express their creativity and individuality. Once a pair of shoes is completed, the pair will be available for purchase. 

How do our artists make money?

When a pair of shoes are purchased a percentage of the profit will go to the artist who painted the shoes. If the artist bought their own supplies and shoes to paint on they will receive 75% of the profit when their shoes are bought. When an artist is able to be at our workplace, they will receive 50% of the profit. If an artist in a different location would like to have shoes & supplies shipped to them to create shoe-art on their own they will receive 35% of the profit when their shoes are purchased. 

Where does the remaining percentage of the profit go?

Creative Souls vision is to create an opportunity for the artists to make money. The remaining percentage after our artist receive the money will be placed right back into Creative Souls to further our mission. To further our mission means that Creative Souls will use the money to buy more shoes, art supplies, etc.

What happens If our kickstarter campaign is fully funded?

When the Creative Souls Kickstarter Campaign is funded we will be updating the way our artists create the art, how they are paid, and how we operate as a business! Creative Souls will still have the same great mission and vision. The Kickstarter lets us grow and be sustainable for the future. We will keep you updated!

Our Mission

The mission of Creative Souls is to empower people with disabilities to earn an income while gaining an amazing learning experience where they can feel valued and show their unique personalities through their work as an artist or as a member of the team.

Creative Souls will never be done with the work that we do. As long as there are people with disabilities without jobs in the United States, we will keep pushing on to not only provide an opportunity but also empower these individuals.
— Drew McNamara, Founder of Creative Souls

What We've Achieved in 2017

  • Sold nine pair of shoes
  • Working with seven artists in Champaign, Illinois

What we've Achieved in 2018

  • Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $50,000 in 30 days.