Our Story

Creative Souls launched in March of 2017. Scroll down below to learn about how Creative Souls went from an idea on paper to the real deal!

 Founder of Creative Souls, Drew McNamara

Founder of Creative Souls, Drew McNamara

The Journey

Drew McNamara began his mission in a Social Entrepreneurship course at the University of Illinois during the first semester of his junior year. The professor of the course told each student to bring an idea that could make a social change in society. Drew has been involved with helping individuals with disabilities through multiple organizations for the past 10 years. For the next semester, Drew worked on an idea that would lead to the name Creative Souls. Unfortunately, the idea didn't lead anywhere at the time.

Fast forward a year and a half to Drew's second semester in his senior year...

Drew started his semester at Illini Hillel working as a social work intern. His supervisor, the Executive Director - Erez Cohen, encouraged him to make the internship his own. During the semester, Drew was able to bring Creative Souls to life with the support of Hillel. Thus far, Creative Souls has worked with seven artists from the Developmental Services Center. The big debut for Creative Souls was on April 6th at the Boneyard Arts Festival where the shoes were available for purchase and people had a chance to see the artists live. Follow our adventure as we change the world one Creative Soul at a time!